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Trisha Donnelly

The Dashiell Delay – an Edition Subscription, 2006

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Edition in 10 installments made and
delivered every 1–2 months over a period
of one year, varied media, each approx.
8 x 10” (20 x 25 cm),
Ed. 45/XXV, signed and numbered

Twelve months of mystery: ten unpredictable messages that will (or will not) be decoded in the record left behind.


“Trisha Donnelly, whose exhibitions suggest a fundamentally iconoclastic approach, and who—even in the sparsest showing of her pictures—will punctuate their reception with unexpected bursts of sound (in the same way that film scores influence one’s perception of the images on screen), seems to be particularly interested in pictures, or rather in the reconfiguration of our perception of pictures. She has immense faith in the ‘pictures’ that she creates through drawing, video, photography, sound, text, and ‘demonstrations,’ for her use of different media always plumbs the depths of that realm, where, through force of will, fantasy, and imagination, ‘things’ actually come to exist and have meaning.” Beatrix Ruf Parkett No. 77, 2006

$ 2,900.00


“Akin to her site-specific practice, Donnelly here involves the collector in the process of art production and reception. She conceives an edition subscription, where a total of 10 installments are made and delivered regularly over the period of one year. Consisting of four Xeroxes, three gelatin silver prints, one line-block, one felt-tip pen drawing, and marble slab, this edition makes for twelve months of mystery: ten unpredictable messages that will (or will not) be decoded in the record left behind.” -Fineartmultiple


“Trisha Donnelly is without doubt one of the most compelling artists of our time whose work offers entirely new ways of experiencing and thinking about form, at once synaesthesic and disruptively transporting… she occupies a position of committed resistance to the easy appropriation of art as something contained and ultimately controllable. At the same time, the extraordinary generosity of her work, that touches on the visual—in particular the photographic—the spoken, the aural and the physical, is electrifying in its permission.” Jury statement on the occasion of the 2017 Wolfgang Hahn Prize awarded to Trisha Donnelly.


> See short video excerpt with Trisha Donnelly about some aspects of her art.