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Lee Kit

Upon, 2016

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Photograph, archival print, framed, towel
Dimensions variable
Photograph: 20 x 25cm (7 3/4 x 9 3/4 ”)
Ed. 25/XX, signed and numbered certificate

Precarious and thoughtful: a folded sit-in.

$ 1,900.00


“Long concerned with the privatization of public space in Hong Kong, Lee Kit has sought both to occupy and to withdraw, alternating between interaction and interiority. He salvages the imprints of our bodies—stains, shadows, scrawled words—with simple materials like cotton or cardboard, creating works that overlap multiple genres, at once domestic still lifes and landscapes, self-portraits, and history paintings. His installation for Parkett, "Upon", consisting of a framed black and white photograph of a towel lying on a classic white pillar and placed upon a real, identical towel presents another expression of Lee’s key ideas.” -Artspace >