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Frances Stark

Dishonest but Appealing, 2013

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Book with safe, paper pages, hand bound,
hardcover with embossed printing, red cloth,
silk ribbon, 11 1/2 x 8 1/2 x 2 1/4 ” (28,5 x 21,5 x 6 cm).
Edition of 35/XX, signed and numbered.

Digital parts, analog holes, and ample space for the unspoken.


While she no longer writes today in the same ways, her whole project remains devoted to testing out different supports for writing and figuring out how they support her—how they affect, impact, and feedback onto her person.

Alex Kitnick, Parkett 93

$ 1,800.00


“The work of artist and writer Frances Stark often centers on an exploration of language and the written word, translating the process of writing or creating art into visual form. Working in multiple media, from works on paper to performance, Stark examines what she describes as "the conditions of creative labor," highlighting the aspects of artistic production that are less frequently acknowledged… Her elaborate book object for Parkett “Dishonest but Appealing” mimicks with its title page the picaresque novel, a genre of prose fiction featuring adventures of roguish heroes or heroines. The book object comes with a custom made hidden chamber between the pages to stash away secret things.” -Artspace