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Jimmie Durham

Look Ahead, 2013

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9 color silkscreen print, on Arches
Velin 400 g/m2, one leaf lasercut,
31 1/2 x 31 1/2" (80 x 80 cm).
Printed by Atelier für Siebdruck
Lorenz Boegli.
Ed. 35/XX, signed and numbered.

A moment unmarked for the imagination in a still life of vibrant movement.


Through interventions and transformations, Durham seeks to liberate marginalized materials and narratives. In the process, he raises complex questions about the identities of things and beings.

Dirk Snauwaert, Parkett 92

$ 2,500.00


“While one of the falling leaves has already disappeared—there is a halting void at the center of this nine-color silkscreen print—artist Jimmie Durham confirms the work's inevitable decline by way of the moving text: “We have used durable material for this work. Even so it will go away and be forgotten.” -Artspace