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Yto Barrada

Aquariums for Sale on a Rainy Day, Tangier, 2001

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Two C-Prints, 10 1/4, x 11” (26 x 28 cm)each.
Ed. 35/XX, signed and numbered certificate.

An insurmountable barrier, whether bowl or strait.


“For Barrada, Tangier is not simply a storied site within the modernist imaginary but the place of a complex experience that vacillates between two irreconcilable situations: emigration and mass tourism.”

Nuria Enguita Mayo, Parkett 91

$ 1,900.00


“Documenting details of life in Morroco, Yto Barrada’s photographs and films select evocative scenic details for greater study or contemplation. In her 2001 photographic diptych Aquariums for Sale on a Rainy Day, Tangier, Barrada finds a wistful image. Inside the stacked aquariums water is both strictly contained and required for sustaining life, outside it drips by, transient.” -Artspace