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John Baldessari

Raised Eyebrows / Furrowed Foreheads: Crooked Made Straight, 2009

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9-color silkscreen print on plexiglass,
5 x 12” (12,5 x 31cm)
Printed by Atelier für Siebdruck,
Lorenz Boegli, Zurich
Ed. 45/XX, signed and numbered certificate

Spots aside; it’s the framing that counts.


“...when I was a painter I would work on a single image, because that’s what you do. But when I got into photography I had the liberty of not using a single image. I‘m not sure how I made that leap. I have a hard time with a single image because, in my mind, it’s like one truth. And I’m always thinking, ‘well, on the other hand there is this.’” John Baldessari, interview with James Welling Parkett No. 86, 2009

$ 2,500.00


“In this nine-color silkscreen print on Plexiglas by famed West Coast Pop artist John Baldessari, an old man's wrinkled forehead becomes the site of artmaking, or rather, a joke on the process. The crooked wrinkles on the left side of the work become "translated" into multicolored lines across a stark blue background. Baldessari here demystifies abstraction.” - Artspace


> See short video excerpt with John Baldessari talking about some aspects of his art.