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Maria Lassnig

A Pair of Gloves, 2006/2009

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6-color silkscreen print on Arches 88 paper 300 g/m2, rein Hadern,
with selected hand drawn marks,
paper size: 28 x 20 3/4” (71 x 52,7 cm),
image size: 24 x 16 7/8” (68,6 x 50,8 cm),
Printed by Atelier für Siebdruck, Lorenz Boegli, Zurich.
Ed. 45/XX, signed and numbered

“My grip on love slips through my hand, where will it land?”


“In short, Lassnig has not settled down; she has geared up. The only tip-off that these were the fantasies of an old woman comes when she herself is the center of the action, as she is in several pictures with unsparing attention to her own nudity. But woe to the spectators who look down the barrel of the gun she points out at them in one such picture, thinking that she won’t shoot.”

Robert Storr, Parkett No. 85, 2009


“Representative of Maria Lassnig’s interest in abstracting distinct objects, the six-color silkscreen print A Pair of Gloves features two yellow gloves perched atop a set of loosely figurative human hands.” -Artspace