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Rachel Harrison

Wardrobe Malfunction, 2008

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10-color lithograph
on polypropylene,
26 3/8 x 18 3/8” (67 x 46,8 cm),
printed by Derrière L’Etoile Studio,
New York,
Ed. 48/XXII, signed and numbered

Reverse portraiture: painterly sculptural inventions against the “generic of an iconic figure.”


“To ask what these images want, then, is having to face the possibility that perhaps they want nothing at all, or nothing in particular. Except, of course, to stun and fascinate: to be allowed to ‘matter,’ to be taken into account, to be seen. And something in this scenario is of course reminiscent of the highly theatrical productions of rock, its quasi-ritualistic deployment of ‘looks’ and ‘images’ that revel in the crude, the incongruous, the over-sophisticated, and the plain stupid—in short, in the big whatever.” Ina Blom Parkett No. 82, 2008

$ 2,800.00


“Rachel Harrison’s Wardrobe Malfunction is wholly tongue-in-cheek. The musician Prince is pictured in concert at the center of this ten-color lithograph, while overlaying splashes of bold-colored paint activate the composition and in a lively, abstract manner suggest a sort of costume explosion.” -Artspace