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Mark Grotjahn

Spinner Winner, 2007

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Hand-painted coin in gold and silver,
1 1/2 x 1/8” (3,9 x 0,3 cm), each unique,
plexiglas case,
Ed. 13/VII in 18 carat gold,
engraved and numbered on reverse,
Ed. 30/X in sterling silver,
engraved and numbered on reverse

Spin-spin: you do not get what you see; you will never see what you get.


“For me, the recent paintings of Mark Grotjahn retain and renew the tradition and potential of abstract painting. They have an intense physicality. The paint is thickly applied, luscious; the process of application, immediate, apparent; but the strokes are timelessly frozen. Their thousand edges bristle, catching light like a fractured prism, but with only white light. It is difficult for the eye to find a stopping point. With the slightest shift of the body, of the gaze, the glistening sheen of light instantaneously tips, slides, careens across the surface of the canvas, offset by deep, equally unstable, almost black, contrasts. Only near the center of the canvas, in the area where the two sets of points nearly meet, does the whitish gleam of light remain constant. ” Garry Garrels Parkett No. 80, 2007