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Glenn Brown

Disorder, 2005

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Digital print on archival paper,
surface mounted on Plexiglas,
paper size 32 5/8 x 25 1/2” (83 x 65 cm),
image 28 3/8 x 21 5/8” (72 x 55 cm),
Ed. 55/XXV, signed and numbered

Thus is her cheek the map of days outworn when beauty lived and died as flowers do.


“A fresh and filthy flower, a flourish stilled; a streched torso, a face built from air. Details—a sickly eye, a boneless hand, a bloated toe—repel and attract with the confusion of a vicious joke turned tender. Every one of Brown’s elegant arrangements of paint is an idea leavened with humor; greatness is simultaneously punctured and paid homage to. Such a mix of hyper-reality (the kind of reality that can only exist on canvas) and illusion can be disorienting; it is difficult to grasp that such complication is simply pigment paintstakingly applied to a canvas with small brushes.” Jennifer Higgie Parkett No. 75, 2005