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Alex Katz

Sunny, 2004

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Silkscreen on aluminum,
5 1/8 x 5 7/8 x 2” (13 x 15 x 5 cm),
printed by Atelier für Siebdruck Lorenz Boegli, Zurich, Ed. 70/XXX, signed and numbered

I had a dog, his name was Sunny. Was that a dog, was that a dog. That’s what people keep asking.


“You get an idea or conception of what you think art should be. It’s kind of complicated how you receive it, because you receive a lot from just thinking about it, and other things pop into it. So, I would say, how you arrive at a conceptual basis is as intuitive as anything else, and how you direct that conception to a material object is complicated, because you try, and it fails, and you try, and it’s off, and you try this, and you try that, and it works, finally, something works, and you’ve just stumbled your way into it.” Alex Katz Parkett No. 72, 2004