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Rodney Graham

Weather Vane, 2002

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Black enameled stainless steel,
approx. 26 3/4 x 24 4/5 x 21 1/2”
(40 x 53,7 x 53,7 cm) produced after
a drawing by Derek Root,
Ed. 70/XX, signed and numbered

Effortless equilibrium. Waiting for a halcyon breeze to blow memory to the winds.


“...caught up in the loops of their own company, Graham’s solitaries have a tendency to leave even themselves behind for periods, and journey inwards as we all do, at least in sleep... Graham keeps taking us back to the same impossible, giddy place; leading us right up to the border of someone else’s thought; his thought; our own thought; the ‘Edge of a Wood.’” Mathew Hale Parkett No. 64, 2002