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Luc Tuymans

Silence, 1990-2000

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Men’s cotton shirt with reproduction of
the artist’s painting SILENCE, 1991,
shirt design by Walter van Beirendonck,
3 sizes (S, M, L)

Hand-stitched version
made by Trois-Quartes, Antwerp,
Ed. 20/XXV, signed and numbered
certificate (please email info@parkettart.com for more info)

Silkscreen version
printed by Lorenz Boegli, Zurich,
Ed. 99/XXX, signed and numbered

Born to wear: give this child a voice.


“Painting, like any memory, always comes too late and too soon. It mediates between the uncatchable moment of the past and a thought that springs from it. Luc Tuymans’s pictures show this mediating relationship by including elements of the medial source after which they were painted: the fleetingness and the light of photographic paper, film or video stills.” Hans Rudolf Reust Parkett No. 60, 2000

$ 900.00


“Luc Tuymans is a painter who uses photographs of emotionally or politically charged subjects … and transforms them into gray-toned, blurry, almost sinister copies of the original. By taking subjects that carry strong emotional associations, Tuymans is able to create facsimile copies of heavily loaded subjects such as “Silence”, his custom made shirt with a silkscreen image taken from an earlier painting, and transform them into otherworldly, ghostly remnants of their former selves.” -Artspace