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Maurizio Cattelan

Untitled, 2000

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Black-and-white photograph,
digital print on paper (Uso Mano)
16 1/4 x 13” (41,3 x 33 cm),
image size: 12 x 9 1/2” (30,5 x 24 cm),
photo by Armin Linke,
Ed. 60/XXII, signed and numbered

Gag or muzzle? Present-day sirens live dangerously.


“Cattelan, for his part, directs the forms he manipulates towards conflict and comedy; through works of the most embarrassing, constraining and cumbersome sort he seeks conflicts with the administrators of the art system. In a word, his conduct as an artist consists of orienting the forms he manipulates towards delinquency.” Nicolas Bourriaud Parkett No. 59, 2000