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Jason Rhoades

Bottle Pumpkin from Perfect World, 2000

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Hand-painted gourd with seeds
that last 2000 years, each unique, backpack
(each different), 11 unique snapshots,
in round cardboard container/pedestal
(15 ¾ “ height x 14 ½ “ diameter /
40cm x 37cm),
Ed. 70/XX, signed and numbered certificate

Ready for traveling. Jason Rhoades has distilled the eclectic world of his rampant installations into a single gourd.


“‘...When I build something, I build it for literally two or three people, for the interaction at that point.’ Despite the often gigantic scale on which he works, the essence of his practice remains surprisingly intimate. The larger-than-life stereotypes that fill Rhoades’s work fade into their real role. They are merely vehicles that get the artist and his audience to somewhere else. In the end the smoke and mirrors of explanation with which Rhoades both illuminates and obfuscates his work act like the mile of string that Duchamp wound around the space of the ‘First Papers of Surrealism’ exhibition in 1942, a simultaneously translucent yet impenetrable medium within which floats the real content of the work.” Russell Ferguson Parkett No. 58, 2000