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Nan Goldin

Lambs Ears, 1999

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C-print, 15 3/4 x 23 5/8” (50,8 x 61 cm),
Ed. 60/XX, signed and numbered

L’heure bleue: A moment of silence immerses us in the sensual fragrance of whispering sage.


“The states of subjectivity in Goldin’s work are achieved by closing in on her subjects, sometimes almost to the point of addictive hallucination. Looking in the mirror. Lying in bed. Being alone. Being together. Dressing to go out. Hanging out in a bar. Talking. Sleeping. Crying. Kissing. The actions or feelings, the joys or sorrows, shown in the pictures relate neither to professional activity nor to public life: There’s no school, shopping mall, or work, no doctors or teachers. Enemies have been removed. It is striking how the faces and their gazes, whether or not they are looking towards the lens, or the bodies, naked or dressed, evoke so little of our common cultural heritage.” Elisabeth Lebovici Parkett No. 57, 1999