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Jorge Pardo

Untitled, 1999

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Unique sculpture, archival paper
mounted on cardboard, colored pencil, approx. 9 7/8 x 4 x 4” (25 x 10 x 10 cm),
Ed. 55/XX, signed and numbered

The weightlessness of the third dimension.


“We all know that no holds are barred when Jorge Pardo is at work. Neither floor covering nor pictures, books nor beds, lamps, houses nor boots escape his attention. He addresses such diverse fields as interior design, arts and crafts, graphic design, and architecture. Common to these uncommon works is one thing only: They all deal in curious cycles of contradictory settings... Pardo speaks of tonality that motivates his delight in speculative experimentation.” Christina Végh Parkett No. 56, 1999

$ 1,600.00


“Bending, stretching, and breaking the boundaries between sculpture, installation, design, and décor, Jorge Pardo delights … as seen in his unique colored paper sculptures for Parkett … in upsetting art’s traditional dichotomy of high/low and banishing the cold, white cube image of contemporary art spaces.” -Artspace