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Sam Taylor-Wood

Five Revolutionary Seconds XIV (Sketch), 1999

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C-print, 360-degree panorama shot,
2 3/4 x 16 1/2” (6,9 x 49,1 cm),
Ed. 50/XX, signed and numbered

A loop in space and time: The revolution has been arrested, each figure suspended in the moment of “taking a giant step."


“Not only does Sam Taylor-Wood construct a seamless yet heterogeneous space, in which people are both in close proximity, yet also infinitely distant, because, though in a mutually shared space, they inhabit another site: the scene of their private theater. Her photographic presentation is such that, even as it elicits our desire for narrative, it frustrates our hope for narrative coherence and closure.” Elisabeth Bronfen Parkett No. 55, 1999