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Andreas Slominski

Folding Rule, 1999

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The rule will be delivered extended,
length: 78 11/16” (200 cm),
Ed. 55/XX, signed and numbered certificate

Measure for Measure—every inch a hyper-reality that begs authenticity and gauges only imponderables.


“And so we gaze at the Slominski traps, at some point we suddenly see that they are indeed peculiar, very strange objects—strange, that is to say, from an artistic point of view. The really strange, peculiar thing about them is their ever taut, ever perilously enticing beauty which does not really seem to be geared towards our synaesthetic sensibilities but towards the sensory capacities of rats, grouse, or orange slugs (and how to outwit these).” Patrick Frey Parkett No. 55, 1999