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Tracey Moffatt

From the “Up in the Sky” Photo Series, 1997

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4-color offset lithograph,
image size: 17 1/8 x 21” (43,3 x 53,5 cm),
on archival book design paper,
20 x 27” (50,8 x 68,4 cm),
printed by Link Printing, Sydney,
Ed. 60/XX, signed and numbered

A blazing void. The distilled force of a moment wrest out of time and context.


“...her work dramatizes, in many different ways, the primal violence of socialisation—the invariably traumatic way in which each individual must be ‘inserted’ into an ever-widening set of social, institutional frames: family, school, community, nation. ...And this rite of passage is for her characters as for each of us never a total success-indeed, it is often a botched job.” Adrian Martin Parkett No. 53, 1998