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John M Armleder

Untitled, 1997

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Unique Perspex sculptures in
fluorescent colors: yellow,
light blue, orange, or colorless,
approx. 16 x 16 x 8”
(40,6 x 40,6 x 20,3 cm),
Ed. 50/XX, signed and numbered,
yellow: 1–20, blue: 21–33,
orange: 34–42, colorless: 43–50

Sculpted calligraphy. Translucent, ethereal shapes in a state of suspended animation.


“The idea one gets when looking at the work of John Armleder is the idea of the twentieth century itself, the age of modernity. This is not only because he uses an abstract pictorial vocabulary, but also because he uses objects that have served to construct the new life of this century.” Giacinto di Pietrantonio Parkett No. 50/51, 1997