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Douglas Gordon

Signature, 1997

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The artist’s bite, 2 1/8 x 2” (5,5 x 5 cm),
on Fabriano paper 160g/m2, 10 x 8 1/4”
(25,6 x 21,1 cm), bound in the magazine,
Ed. 50/XX, numbered

The making of a sound bite: caught in the act and immortalized in silence.


“Douglas Gordon exposes certain time-based effects that are at the root of our sense of psychological security. This process is implemented by re-emphasizing key elements from carefully researched material, as well as using specially made video and film footage to restructure the mass of connections that influence an artist’s activity. What could be described as aestheticising the dynamic of trauma and reassurance has been combined with an ongoing desire to acknowledge his position as a self-conscious artist working within the specific power structures of the art world.” Douglas Gordon, interview with Liam Gillick Parkett No. 49, 1997