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Laurie Anderson

Hearring, 1997

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Earring with playable sound message (approx. 20 sec.), brass, copper,
circuit board, loudspeaker, lithium
battery, Plexiglas, wires, approx. size:
3 3/8 x 1 3/4 x 1” (10,2, x 4,5 x 2 cm),
jewelery by Josiah Dearborn,
engineering design Bob Bielecki
Ed. 150/XXX, with monogram and

Tune in to the mysterious workings of a late twentieth century baroque mind.


“Firmly rooted in time and in the world, her art explores a territory between keen wakefulness and (day)-dreams, where things of the real world and visions together penetrate consciousness, where perception stimulates dreams, and dreams sharpen perception. …For almost three decades, ceaselessly circling themes and motifs in text, image, and music have been coupled in Laurie Anderson’s performances and installations with new material, forever evolving in a cosmology-in-flux, in the endless flow of a great work in progress.” Jacqueline Burckhardt Parkett No. 49, 1997

$ 2,200.00


“Anderson's ingenious multiple takes the form of a seemingly decorative earring made up of a lithium battery, a circuit board, and a loudspeaker. Blending aesthetics with technology, it allows the delivery of a private sound message from the artist to the wearer. Designed to be worn rather like the earpiece of presenters and security guards, this work is firmly rooted in the real world and reveals Anderson's longstanding preoccupation with interactions between music and sculpture.” - Fineartmultiple


> See short video excerpt with Laurie Anderson about some aspects of her art.