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Thomas Schütte

Olga’s Wallpaper, 1996 (1997)

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Lithograph, stone-pulled, 5 colors,
printed by Felix Bauer, Cologne,
on handmade Indian Vellum, 250g/m2,
40 1/8 x 27” (101,5 x 68,4 cm),
Ed. 60/XX, signed and numbered

Rainbow bright. Lighthearted wallpaper, about to float away like a magic carpet, inspires flights of fancy on tapestries, spaces, and the people who live with them.


“Thomas Schütte’s oeuvre possesses a rare quality: It is contemporary without being modernist. It possesses subjectivity, but a subjectivity devoid of egoism. It possesses versatility of expression along with the rigor of a program it sometimes hides and sometimes reveals. Schütte’s concern is the representation of the human condition as it is right now. But what fascinates me is the fact that he is not interested in either a utopian or a catastrophic future, or why he doesn’t drift into golden ages located in some imaginary past. Schütte is a realist: He represents what he sees using materials directly linked to that vision, materials anchored in the literalness of the image.” Bartomeu Mari Parkett No. 47, 1996