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Andreas Gursky

Centre Georges Pompidou, 1995

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in wooden frame, Plexiglas,
21 1/4 x 27 1/2” (54 x 70 cm),
Ed. 60/XXV, signed and numbered

Visualized attentiveness and concentration. A drama of magnetic space and rhythmic lines at the Herzog & de Meuron exhibition in the Centre Pompidou, 1995.


“The rampant beauty of Gursky’s photographs culminates in his interiors of factories or stock exchanges. That these places of labor, alienation and of the most cynically disembodied business could provide an opportunity for unparalleled visual delight, even ahead of ‘nature,’ is a paradox that will perhaps leave an ashen aftertaste.” Jean-Pierre Criqui Parkett No. 44, 1995