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Sigmar Polke

Untitled, 1994

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Volume of Parkett made of overprint
paper, individual sheets bound at
random, 10 x 8 1/4” (25,5 x 21 cm),
Ed. 25/X, signed and numbered,
and Ed. 25/X with an original contribution (gouache), signed and numbered

Master marksman. Chance hits the mark on overprint paper in a fireworks of acrobatic multi-meaning.


“By discovering a vital metaphorical means of equating the higher domain of art with all efforts to attain ‘knowledge of higher worlds’ (Rudolf Steiner), Sigmar Polke has staked out a vast playing field for himself. With the frivolity dictated by gravity, he has let evil snakes loose in spaces cluttered up with metaphysical ladders. Starting with the painterly fabric of dots from blown-up newspaper photographs, he annexed the mental substance attendant upon them as a provocative snake pit.” Bice Curiger Parkett No. 40/41, 1994