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Ross Bleckner

Untitled, 1993

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100 unique works, watercolor, inks,
and wax on watercolor paper in handpainted and waxed wooden desktop picture frame, 11 x 9” (27,8 x 22,8 cm),
Ed. 100, signed and numbered

Forget me not. In handpainted portrait frames, a simple-petalled flower goes through a cycle of permutations, making each a unique and distinctive watercolor.


“The question of whether Bleckner is an abstractionist or an expressionist completely misses the point: that he is avid to demonstrate the most intimate pulse of consciousness lurking behind a veil of abstract energy—‘dematerialized life,’ as he calls it. Or he can call a painting ‘a language to think thought…’” Edmund White Parkett No. 38, 1993