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Robert Gober

Untitled, 1991

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Lithograph on newsprint with handtorn edges, printed on both sides and folded three times, 22 1/8 x 13 7/8” (56,7 x 35,4 cm), hand-colored with coffee by the artist, printed by Maurice Sanchez & Joe Petruzzelli, Derrière L’Etoile Studio, New York, Ed. 75/XXV unique pieces, signed and numbered

Day in the life. Amongst a scramble of blushing brides and gruesome news on a seemingly ordinary page of The New York Times, dated October 4, 1960, we come suddenly upon a brief notice of the artist’s own death as a boy of six.


“As assemblages of props, costumes, and sets, Gober’s installations of domestic dreamscapes pose as sites for the unfolding of narrative sequences; each element serves as a silent accoutrement to the human drama awaiting to be enacted therein… in this potent mise-en-scène we are implicated as participants. Gober’s fabricated, home-like spaces are uncanny in the truest sense of the word.” Nancy Spector Parkett No. 27, 1991