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James Turrell

Squat, Juke, Carn, Alta, 1990

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Four aquatint editions on Zerkall 250g/m2,
each 10 x 8 11/24” (25,5 x 21 cm),
one of them bound in the magazine,
printed by Peter Kneubühler, Zurich,
Ed. 40/X each, signed and numbered

Speed of light. These experimental forays into the medium of etching yield light as material, not illusion, in the contours of the printed image.


“Turrell treats light as substance. Instead of stone, wood, clay or bronze, he ‘molds’ light—artificial or natural—whose density displays a barely visible but fluctuating, palpable presence: palpable through perception. The visitor who exposes himself to this perception is inevitably and bluntly confronted with himself. Jean-Christophe Ammann Parkett No. 25, 1990