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Alighiero e Boetti

Probing the Mysteries of a Double Life, 1990

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Collotype (Granolitho),
overpainted by hand in red,
19 5/8 x 27 1/2” (49,8 x 69,8 cm),
printed by Lichtdruck AG,
Dielsdorf, Switzerland,
Ed. 100/XX, signed and numbered

Double trouble. A perennial obsession with dual identities and symmetry is manifested in the systematic rendering of twin subjects by two detectably different hands. A hand-applied flash of vicious scarlet completes this doubly complex Rorschach test.


“The works of Alighiero e Boetti open onto the world, onto the fluid passage of forms; they capture chaos without diminishing it, and one can always cross over from one work into another, while maintaining the same degree of precision, which demonstrates everything with the facts. If there is a route, it is one that leads where routes branch out, bifurcate and multiply. If there is a key, it is a passe-partout that opens and at the same time ‘closes’ every frame, every possible door.” Giovan Battista Salerno Parkett No. 24, 1990