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Christian Boltanski

El Caso, 1989

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Booklet with 17 photographs,
2 x 3 1/8” (5 x 8 x 0,6 cm),
Ed. 80/XX, signed and numbered

Guilty not guilty. Themes central to Boltanski’s oeuvre find devastating expression in this tiny piece of pocket pornography containing images of brutal murder rephotographed by the artist from the Spanish detective magazine El Caso.


“There is in the work of the artist something of the high priest and something of the charlatan. Boltanski transforms shards of nothing into art, bits of cardboard, lumps of sugar, old photos, but plays the game of showing us that his transformation is also mere illusion, that this art is also the nothing or next to nothing from which it has sprung.” Didier Semin Parkett No. 22, 1989