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Bruce Nauman

Violent Incident—Man-Woman, Segment, 1986

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Videotape, 30 min., time of one sequence: 28 sec., color, sound,
Ed. 200/XX, signed and numbered label

Eye for eye. In a pas-de-deux of violent pratfalls and angry jokes, a romantic tête-à-tête between man and woman degenerates into murderous symmetry.


“One suspects that Nauman would agree with Wittgenstein that language has meaning only in use, and its users are bodies. In the recent work, he seems to want to metaphorically slow language down (perhaps now recognizing that it cannot be really stopped to show that, although language may live on, bodies do not).” Jeanne Silverthorne Parkett No. 10, 1986

“My work comes out of being frustrated about the human condition. And about how people refuse to understand other people. And about how people can be cruel to each other. It’s not that I think I can change that, but it’s just such a frustrating part of human history”
Bruce Nauman