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Brice Marden

Etching for Parkett, 1986

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Sugar lift and aquatint on Rives BVK,
bound in the magazine,
10 x 8 1/4” (25,5 x 21 cm),
printed by Jennifer Melby, New York,
Ed. 100/X, signed and numbered

Eye-music. Composed on Parkett layout-sheets, lines, bars and smudges of ink build to a visual crescendo in this six-panel leporello.


“The physical singularity of Marden’s paintings may be attributed to the fact that from the very start he pitched his work with resolute intensity to this key of chromatic enigmas—literally with the mystery-tones of gray—and as he advanced, he simply compounded the chords, adding sharps or flats, moving from minor to major scales.” Lisa Liebmann Parkett No. 7, 1986