Swiss National Library



101 Contemporary Art Books
Parkett @ The Swiss National Library
March 2 - June 26, 2018

Parkett's exhibition at the Swiss National Library presents for the first time all 101 books alongside selected editions and artists' documents from the Parkett archives, showcasing the first comprehensive look at Parkett's 33-year time capsule and art archive.

From the exhibitions intro text: “The first issue of Parkett is published in April 1984. The book series soon becomes one of the most important voices of contemporary art. Parkett provides a platform … forming a unique collection of art and criticism in the process. As a book and in the form of editions, Parkett brings world-class art into its readers‘ living room. The 101st and final print issue is published in December 2017. The Swiss National Library is presenting the series for the first time in its entirety, offering an insight into the last 34 years of contemporary art. The story of Parkett is one of global dialogue, digital transformation, art in book form and the book as art form. It connects reading on paper to searching in the digital library.”



Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taiwan


Taipei Fine Arts Museum (TFAM), Taiwan
May 18 - August 25, 2013
Parkett – 220 Artists’ Editions & Collaborations +5

“The collaborative work between Parkett and over 220 contemporary artists from around the world is on view in a major survey show at TFAM in Taipei, accompanied by a new fully illustrated catalogue in traditional Chinese and English. Parkett stands out from other art magazines with its emphasis on collaborating with artists in developing a direct platform for artistic dialogues. All works made by artists for Parkett since 1984 are presented in themed “everyday spaces” including Studio, Playroom, Wardrobe, Garden, City, Reading Room, and Meeting Room.

+5 Meeting Room:
5 special collaborations from Taiwan and the region

Continuing with Parkett‘s spirit of artist-institution cooperations, five special projects co-produced by Taiwanese and Japanese institutions and artists are also on view at TFAM. These local projects echo Parkett‘s accomplishment over the last three decades and includeTaiwan’s The Cube, ARTCO Magazine, Taipei Contemporary Art Center, TSAI Charwei, artist and editor of Lovely Daze magazine, and Japan’s TeamLab.”


UCCA Beijing

Exhibition Poster, UCCA Beijing


Beijing, China, Ullens Center for Contemporary Art,
February 26 - April 8, 2012

INSIDE A BOOK A HOUSE OF GOLD: Artists' Editions for Parkett

“As the title of this exhibition, we have chosen a line from the most artistic of Chinese emperors, Song Zhenzong (968-1022 CE). The connection of this maxim to the display at hand should be obvious: the “house” is three exhibition areas of the Ullens Center for Contemporary Art, thematically transformed along the spatial conceit of a residence; the “book” is the great art magazine Parkett, founded in Zurich in 1984, and an engine of artistic thought and practice ever since; and the “gold” consists of 212 works by 192 artists, created in collaboration with the makers of Parkett throughout the long course of its existence.”

Philip Tinari, Director UCCA, Beijing


Exhibition catalogue in Korean and English, 460 pages

Exhibition catalogue in Korean and English, 460 pages

Seoul Arts Center/Hangaram Museum, Korea (Dec 17, 2010)

200 Artworks – 25 Years, Artists’ Editions for Parkett.

“If you want to see the entire forest, in terms of contemporary art, instead of staring at small trees, this exhibition would be a fitting choice. While blockbuster exhibitions usually focus on a single artist or group, the exhibition showcases 200 artworks by 185 world-renowned artists ... naturally offering a wrap up of contemporary art at a glance.”

Korea Herald, Seoul, Dec 24, 2010


Artworld Magazine, Shanghai Cover special Parkett issue (Sep 2010)

Artworld Magazine, Shanghai Cover special Parkett issue (Sep 2010)

ARTWORLD Magazine, Shanghai (September 2010)

Special Parkett issue with 15 selected texts translated into Chinese (print run: 160’000 copies, sold out)

“I consider it as the highest evaluation of the media people that they have protected the initial vitality of other people… Parkett has included almost all the most important artists and critics in a quarter of the century; ... we hope that it will enlighten many more Chinese readers. ... How much we envy a medium that needs no attitude!”

Gong Yan , Editor-in-Chief, Art World Magazine, Shanghai


University Castilla La Mancha, viewing room

Model for Viewing Room

University Castilla La Mancha, Arts Faculty, Cuenca, Spain
Parkett Viewing Room with permanent Study Center of all editions and publications (opened September 2010)

"The collection allows the University to present a dynamic, lively museum in full dialogue with the main centers of contemporary art in Spain. Together with the artworks, the Faculty also displays all Parkett volumes published since 1984, and in doing so fully reflects Parkett's unique character as a small museum and large library. 'The scholarly and teaching character of this collection is very significant' concludes the Faculty's vice dean."

El Mundo, Madrid, Dec 15, 2010


Singapore Tyler Print Institute

STPI (Singapore Tyler Print Institute)

Singapore, Singapore Tyler Print Institute, STPI (May 22– July 17, 2010)

200 Artworks – 25 Years, Artists’ Editions for Parkett. All 200 editions made by artists for Parkett, with catalogue raisonné.

"Best art exhibition of 2010 … , impressed with its sheer range, diversity and depth."

Straits Time, Singapore, Dec. 27, 2010


2st Century Museum of Contemporary Art

21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa, Japan

Kanazawa, Japan, 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art (September 4 – 26, 2009)

200 Artworks – 25 Years, Artists’ Editions for Parkett.
All 200 editions made by artists for Parkett, with new catalogue raisonné.


Kunsthaus, Zurich

Zurich, Kunsthaus

Zurich, Kunsthaus (November 25, 2004 – February 2005)

20 Years Parkett – the most complete museum exhibition to date presents all 150 works made by artists for Parkett since 1984.


Venice Palazzo

Gilbert & George, Rirkrit Tiravanija, Jenny Holzer, and Sam Taylor-Wood

Venice, Palazzo Remer (June 14, 2003)

At the occasion of the Biennale this exhibition presented all Parkett editions to date in Venice.


Irish Museum of Modern Art

Irish Museum of Modern Art

Dublin, Irish Museum of Modern Art (June 20 – October 27, 2002)

"Beautiful Productions" presents the updated and most complete show of all Parkett Editions to date.


Whitechapel Gallery

Whitechapel Art Gallery

London, Whitechapel Art Gallery (July 5 - August 19, 2001)

In its Centenary the Whitechapel Gallery presented a Parkett exhibition entitled "Beautiful Productions: Art to Play, Art to Wear, Art to Own".


Museum of Modern Art

Museum of Modern Art, exhibition view

New York, Museum of Modern Art (April 5 - June 5, 2001)

The MoMA presented "Collaborations with Parkett: 1984 to Now" curated by Deborah Wye. View selected pictures from the exhibition and the opening night reception and read more information on the show and the press release on MoMA's site:


Geneva, Centre d'Art Contemporain (November, 1999)


Siena, Palazzo delle Papesse (June - October, 1999)


Cologne, Ludwig Museum (November 1998 - January 1999)


Denmark, Louisiana Museum (September - October, 1996)


Tokyo, Hillside Forum (February - March, 1996)


Los Angeles, MAK-Center at the Schindler House (March - June 1995)


Marseille, Centre de la Vieille Charitée, Musées de Marseille  (February – March, 1991)


Zurich, Helmhaus (January - February, 1989)


Frankfurt, Portikus  (September – October, 1988)


Paris, Centre Georges Pompidou (April - June, 1987)