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Abraham Cruzvillegas

Autoconclusión, 2015

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Wooden briefcase, with 34 bamboo sticks in 34 different colors, with a separate 7-color silkscreen inserted in the briefcase, briefcase interior lined with canvas, briefcase custom made from larch wood and MDF by Stiftung St. Jakob, 13 1/8 x 21 x 1 3/4”, 7,2 lb / (33,5 x 53,5 x 4,5 cm, 3,5 kg), silkscreen printed by Atelier für Siebdruck, Lorenz Boegli on Bütten 250 g/m2 paper, 12 x 19 1/2”/ 30,5 x 50 cm. Ed. 35/XX, signed and numbered certificate.

Untold worlds from little sticks do grow


“At the same time, I like to think of them as shamanic objects that wield great powers, even though they may not be made from precious materials …”. Doryun Chong, Parkett 97

$ 3,300.00


“Following Cruzvillegas' concept of "autoconstrucción", this piece takes the form of a game akin to Mikado—the 34-colored bamboo sticks can be taken out of their individual grooves and by using the color guide of the artist’s key ideas printed on the silkscreen, can be arranged into configurations in order to make an automatic decision, an Autoconclusión. Different hues correspond to different ideas, ranging from "indecent" to "coherent with the landscape". This lighthearted multiple transmits the characteristic joy of Cruzvillegas' practice.” -Fineartmultiple


To view a video of Cruzvillegas edition in action click here