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Pamela Rosenkranz

Survivor Series, 2015

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Polyurethane resin, tinted, 15 3/4 x 3 x 1 1/2” (40,2 x 7,8 x 3,7 cm)
produced by Kunstbetrieb AG.
Ed. 35/XX, signed and numbered certificate

Hardly Brutus’s “most unkindest cut of all.”


For Rosenkranz, art lies somewhere between virus and placebo, and her work is a magnificent introduction to twenty-first-century artistic bacteriology. Nicolas Bourriaud, Parkett 96

$ 2,600.00


“Produced in Rosenkranz' trademark flesh-colored plastic material with which she also fills bottles of water, this knife bridges the gap between warm skin and cold metal, animate and inanimate, human and inhuman. In its present rendering, the knife loses its function as a weapon and instead becomes an in-between object. Engraving "Survivor" onto the hilt of the mock-sword, Rosenkranz returns to her favored anthropological themes of what it means to be human.” -Fineartmultiple