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Wael Shawky

Untitled, 2014

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Portfolio with 12 silkscreen prints in 1-6 colors, BFK Rives 250 g/m2,
each 8 1/4 x 11 1/2'' (21 x 29,7 cm).
Atelier für Siebdruck, Lorenz Boegli.
Ed. 35/XXV, signed and numbered colophon

Plus 12 silkscreen print portfolios with a drawing (please inquire)

Drawing: the basso continuo of a universe inhabited by the realities of myth and magic.

$ 2,800.00


Click here to view all twelve silkscreen prints from the portfolio of Wael Shawky's edition for Parkett 95, "Untitled" 2014.


“The work of Egyptian artist Wael Shawky frequently uses the medium of storytelling to explore the cultural history and traditions of the Middle East… Skillfully blending myth and historical fact, Shawky's art always incorporates an element of the fantastical and of childlike wonder akin to Magical Realism, spanning video, performance and installation work…. In this stunning portfolio of twelve silkscreen prints for Parkett, the artist explores issues of cultural displacement and globalization. The twelve prints thrust us into a fantasy world that is both benign and malignant, where the fossilized bones of the dinosaur-like figures are inseparable from the architecture and desert-like terrain they inhabit, and where the very idea of home becomes treacherous.” -Fineartmultiple