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Valentin Carron

Bell, 2013

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Bronze cast, wood, diameter 6 1/2 x 2 3/4” (16 x 7 cm),
fabricated by Kunstbetrieb AG, Münchenstein, Switzerland.
Ed. 35 / XX, signed and numbered certificate.

The simplicity of the summons belies the complexity of mimesis.


Sculpture lies at the center of the Swiss artist’s work. As Carron has often pointed out, he works according to the strategies of appropriation art. Reinterpreting works of art in materials different from the originals, he grants them new meaning, transferring them into new contexts for another generation.

Giovanni Carmine, Parkett 93

$ 2,400.00


“In typical Carron style, the artist here takes the Swiss trope of a bell and deconstructs its national charge by turning it into a contemporary table object. Displaced and decontextualized, the small object-come-sculpture no longer holds the authority of a symbol of Switzerland, instead revealing the complex sentimentalism attached to and mythologies surrounding rural items like these. Cast in bronze with a wooden handle, Bell cleverly explores the weaving of collective identity in a concise compact manner and at the same time acts as an interactive object in its own right.” -Finartmultiple


>View and listen to Valentin Carron’s bronze bell