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Paulina Olowska

Siatkarka - Volleyball Player, 2013

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Ceramics, hand painted, each unique,
11 3/4 x 4 x 3 1/4" (30 x 10 x 8 cm).
Ed. 50/ 10 AP, signed and numbered.

Female modernist and athletic. Seeks to connect with the President.


In a sense, painting’s insertion into reality, and the way that paintedness as style or masquerade is then carried through Ołowska’s work, creates a new aesthetic regime of permission. She paints the world as she would like it to be, perhaps, and steps into its conjuring as a reality.

Catherine Wood, Parkett 92

$ 2,600.00


“The work of Polish artist Paulina Olowska including her handpainted ceramic figure for Parkett “Siatkarka – Volleyball Player” considers the multiple histories of Modernism, with a particular focus on its intersecting manifestations in Eastern Europe and the West. Working in various media, including painting, performance, installation, collage, textiles, and music, she points to the utopian undertones of Modernism, and emphasizes moments of cross-cultural exchange between East and West, disrupting assumptions of the sharp divide between the two.” -Artspace