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Nicole Eisenman

Untitled, 2012

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Color monotypes, each unique,
22 x 30” (55,9 x 76,2 cm). Printed in collaboration with Marina Ancona at 10 Grand Press, Brooklyn NY
Ed. 20/X, signed and numbered.

Featuring the transformative power of color.


“What is it that draws one body to another? What is it that then draws a body to pull out a pen and try to trace what it sees, record the figure before it in line or stroke?”

Litia Perta, Parkett 91


“The monotype Untitled by Nicole Eisenman features a brightly colored, abstracted figure, as is characteristic of her painting style. Depicted face-on with a bucolic landscape in the background, the work reflects her interest in incorporating art-historical portrait techniques into her contemporary practice.” -Artspace