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Rashid Johnson

I Love Music, 2012

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Cast bronze, 9 7/8 x 7 7/8 x 1/4” (25 x 20 x 0,6 cm), weight 10 lbs (4,5 kg), fabricated by City Casting and Bedi Makky Art Foundry, New York. Ed. 35/XX, signed and numbered

Harmony in tuneful chaos escapes the measured beat of the grid.


"I would love nothing more than to do the Fuck You opera. That sounds interesting. I think part of what you’re describing is what Rosalind Krauss named the “post-medium condition.” Our not being married to any particular medium or activity leads to an artist bachelor experience. The fluency of not being definable functions as the “fuck you” to easy interpretation."

Rashid Johnson in conversation with Matthew Day Jackson, Parkett 90