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Oscar Tuazon

Alloy (For Steve Baer), 2011

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20 hex nuts, assembled and welded into a sphere, steel, diameter 7”, 13.7 lb. (diameter 18 cm, 6,2 kg). Ed. 45/XX, signed and numbered certificate.

Architecture in a nutshell: SEARCHIN G BEYOND SUR VIVAL AND SAFETY.


"For Tuazon, a building is defined by what happens within it, not by the way it is designed. He is interested in how a particular way of living within a building's interior can alter the space around its exterior"

Philippe Pirotte, Parkett 89


“Alloy (For Steve Baer) highlights Oscar Tuazon’s interest in fitting together identical modular parts in order to create a new form. Inspired by Baer, a visionary inventor of solar and residential designs, Tuazon takes hex nuts as his material of choice—industrial parts such as these are characteristic of his practice—and in his handling, they are beautifully transformed into a seemingly weightless sculptural piece.” -Artspace