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Dialogue of the Dogs, 2005/2011

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animated film, 1 min. loop, on DVD, with case, inserted in Parkett 88. Ed. 35/XX, with signed and numbered certificate.

I'd rather have a conversation with a cynic than a fundamentalist. Dogs are more fun than rocks.


"Sturtevant has no faith in technology or productivity. What interests her about machines is not so much their transformative potential as the possibility they offer the artist to remove herself from the "creative process" and, more precisely, to eliminate the motivations of the will: to create mechanically, until the machine has finished running and becomes a pure process of invention and language." Stéphanie Moisdon, Parkett 88

$ 2,700.00


“Sturtevant was a master of appropriation who re-created works by iconic 20th-century artists in order to explore authenticity, artistic celebrity, and the creative process. Calling her approach “repetition,” she began making deliberately inexact copies of the work of her predecessors and contemporaries in 1964, repeating pieces by the likes of Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, and Marcel Duchamp. In 2000, she began focusing on video, utilizing clips from the mass media and popular entertainment to challenge the politics of image production … as can be seen and heard in her utterly funny and ironic music video “Dialogue of the Dogs.” -Artsy