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Tomma Abts

Untitled (Uto), 2008

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Archival pigment print
on Angelica paper,
mounted on sintra, framed,
paper size: 15 7/8 x 19 3/4 (50,5 x 40,5 cm),
image size: 15 x 18 7/8 (48 x 38 cm),
printed by Laumont, New York,
Ed. 45/XXV, signed and numbered

Unpremeditated lines, encompassed by layer upon layer, barely concealing a color spectrum about to erupt.


Abts' compositions in fact emerge out of the give-and-take that comes with the application of numerous successive layers of paint and through choices being elaborated over many months. Interlocking linear elements might float across densely layered fields, objective aggregations of the thin strata. Suzanne Hudson, Parkett 84

$ 2,800.00


“Painter Tomma Abts here creates a winding, silvery form that draws attention to the act of painting. In this print, the metallic and black abstraction forces one to consider, and follow, its path around the canvas. The print truly bears the stamp of the artist, measuring exactly 48 x 38 cm—the framework Abts sets up for each piece she creates. The abstract geometric forms of the print are equally characteristic of the artist's non-representational style of working and refer to themselves and themselves only, disentangling the artist from any form of symbolism and figuration.” -Fineartmultiple