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Allora & Calzadilla

Deadline, 2007

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DVD from 16 mm color film, 3 min.,
signed and numbered certificate,
Ed. 28/XVI

Poetics and politics: mutually exclusive no longer. For once the former holds the latter in thrall.


“...materiality and metaphoricity constitute a couple. In other words, a material is never simply self-evident in its meaning; it is always marked with histories, cultures, and politics that are at once irreducible to and indissociable from the material in question. Any material is going to have the weight of history inscribed in it. The time of the world is there; geologically, geopolitically, there is always an allegorical dimension to materials. A tropical plant, for instance, cannot be treated as a bare biological life without effacing its colonial genealogy, even though we are quite interested in the actual temporalities and processes of the living organism as a sculptural problematic.” Jennifer Allora / Guillermo Calzadilla Interview in Parkett No. 80, 2007