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Albert Oehlen

L. P. A., 2007

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Etching and Charbonnel black ink
on Hahnemühle Dürer Etching White
300 g/m2, paper size: 20 3/4 x 26 1/2”
(53 x 66,5 cm), image: 13 3/4 x 20 1/4”
(35 x 51,5 cm), printed by Greg Burnet,
Burnet Editions, New York,
Ed. 60/XX, signed and numbered

Mental décollage—not the archeology of eroded snipes and billboards but the beat interference of digital collisions. (Glenn O’Brien)


“There is method in his madness, madness in his method. Oehlen employs error as method, but if it is deliberate, is it error? Logic is more inescapable than it looks. It’s not enough putting one foot in front of another; maybe you need to put one foot in front of somebody else’s or put the foot in the mouth where it belongs.” Glenn O’Brien Parkett No. 79, 2007

$ 2,400.00


“Albert Oehlen’s L.P.A. is a transporting etching and print, one that melds figuration, abstraction, and text. A mustached, three-eyed face and a woman’s body are both discernible—to a simultaneously entertaining and disquieting effect.” -Artspace