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Olaf Nicolai

Georg‘s Pillow (Replica of a pillow from George Lukács’ sofa in his study at Belgrad Kai, Budapest), 2007

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Handwoven pillowcase, hand-dyed
sheep’s wool and red silk, 18 1/2 x 20”
(47 x 51cm), made by the Department
of Textiles, Institute of Applied Arts,
Schneeberg, Germany,
Ed. 35/XX, signed and numbered

A mimetically charged pillow which offers an invitation to reflect on Georg Lukács’ favorite theme, realism.


“Nicolai uses the license that his status as an artist gives him to be free of academia—free to abuse sources and reconfigure images and objects of entirely different statuses. Thus, while remaining securely within the identity of an artist, Nicolai performs a role as a researcher and combiner—a turner-upside-down-of-things to see what they look like from another angle, and ultimately create new modes of visibility. His strategy, it would seem, is a fine one at this point in our cultural development, given the current moment’s political exhaustion and the universalizing of ‘creativity’ for bland economic ends.” Chales Esche Parkett No. 78, 2006

$ 2,900.00


“Addressing the contemporary world as a landscape of consumption, the conceptual sculptor, video, performance, and installation artist Olaf Nicolai recycles the detritus of Western culture as an ethnologist of alienation. Primary in all of his work is the sense of the bodies of his viewers in historical space and in communion with others. A key component for many of Nicolai’s investigations is the relation of Modernism to political and economic histories, and references have included Le Corbusier, Jean Genet, Ad Reinhardt, Duchamp or in his handwoven pillowcase for Parkett George Lukacs, the Hungarian philosopher.” -Artspace