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Rudolf Stingel

RS, 2006

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Signet ring, 18 carat gold,
approx. 1 x 3/4 x 1/2” (2,5 x 2 x 1,5 cm),
jewelery box, production by
Markus Frühauf, jeweler, Meran, Italy,
Ed. 22/XVI, initials engraved and

Wear it right side down, to seal a friendship, as kings once did.


“In most cases, however, Stingel’s works are both medium and membrane in one. They are skin. They record traces of use-of being walked on, of tearing, of flaking. As permeable membranes, they mark and ‘regulate’ the locus of border and transition in spatio-physical terms (between wall and picture, floor and covering, painting and sculpture, architectural and institutional space), and in temporal-economical terms (between that which produces and that which consumes).” Jörg Heiser Parkett No. 77, 2006