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Carsten Höller

Key to the Laboratory of Doubt, 2006

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Anamorphic key, cast in sterling silver, approx. 3 1/8 x 3/4 x 1/8” (8 x 2 x 0,5 cm),
silver cylinder, 1 1/2 x 3/4” (4 x 2 cm),
silver necklace approx. 27 1/2” (70 cm),
black box with embossed print,
production by Factum Arte, Madrid,
Ed. 50/XXV, initials engraved and

Begin with certainties and you shall end in doubts. But beware: doubt is not the key to certainty.


“Doubt and its semantic cousin, perplexity, which are both equally important to me, are unsightly states of mind we’d rather keep under lock and key because we associate them with uneasiness, with a failure of values. But wouldn’t it be more accurate to claim the opposite, that certainty in the sense of brazen, untenable affirmation is much more pathetic? It is simply its association with notions of well-being that gives affirmation its current status. What needs to be done is to sever the association between affirmation and well-being.” Carsten Höller, interview with Hans Ulrich Obrist Parkett No. 77, 2006

$ 3,800.00


“Carsten Höller is known for large scale conceptual installations which serve as experiments and frequently require participation from the viewer to take their final form. His central concerns relate to human behavior, the questioning of logic, altered states of mind and perception. His works often create a sense of uncertainty were multiple interpretations swirl without becoming static and comprehensible. In his silver necklace “Key to the Laboratory of Doubt”, the anamorphic key finds its actual shape only when properly mirrored in the cylinder.” -Artspace