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Kai Althoff

Paden, 2005

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Fragrance and bottle
conceived and designed by the artist, mouth blown glass
with oxidation (each unique),
approx. 7 x 6 2/8 x 2” (18 x 16 x 5 cm),
production by Matteo Gonet,
Glassworks + Design, Zurich,
Ed. 55/XXV, signed and numbered

Pandora’s bottle: beware the sampling that issues like whispers.


“Kai Althoff’s installations are scenarios of initiation that bring to life manifestations of extremely specific worlds. They are populated by an arsenal of real or invented characters, all of them absorbed by the artist as alter egos. Detached from their original historical and biographical contexts, they represent various aggregate states of individual and collective being—from compulsive brutality to ethereal spirituality.” Oliver Koerner von Gustorf Parkett No. 75, 2005

$ 2,200.00


“Kai Althoff is a multimedia artist, painter, and musician. He borrows from history, religious iconography, and countercultural movements to create imaginary environments in which paintings, sculpture, drawing, video, and found objects commingle. For “Paden”, his Parkett project, he conceived a special fragrance and designed a beautiful custom made, mouth blown glass bottle.” -Artspace